The orders and shipping are all handled and fulfilled by Printful.

As the orders are handled by Printful we cannot confirm the timeliness of your order. It will depend on the smoothness of operations at Printful and the shipping company.

If there are issues with receiving products, that is something that we have no control over and therefore cannot do much about. The companies are well established and competent, so there should not much to worry about. If there is an issue however, you can always refer to the support e-mail address and we will help best we can.


The shipping of the products are handled by Printful.

That is something that we cannot confirm due to the orders and shipping being handled externally. However, Printful is a well trusted and established company, so you should not worry too much about that.

Failure to receive a product can occur due to a multitude of reasons. Unfortunately, that is something that is outside of our control as we do not have our own shipping line. Should something happen though, feel free to contact the support e-mail address and we will try to help you as best we can. 


The payment options are on display and the bottom of the page. Additionally, more information is given when you go to make your purchase. It is safe and secure.